Hand-tied Bouquets
Assembling the hand-tied bouquet requires the florist to hold the stems in hand while creating the piece. The typical method is to lay each new stem at a 45-degree angle to the previous on and slowly curl the stems around until the flowers form a dome. This method was used in the construction of the bridal bouquet, also featured on the “Wedding” page. The arrangement of roses pictured below was created in a similar fashion but the method of assembly was less rigid.


Cascade Bouquets
Cascade bouquets are built on a special base composed of a plastic handle and floral foam enclosed in a plastic grid. Large flowers (roses, in the pieces pictured) forming the “skeleton” are placed first and anchored with tape or a similar medium. Secondary flowers and greenery are then added, filling out the cascade shape. Proportion is vital in creating this kind of bouquet.

Simple Bouquet
The bouquet pictured below was assembled using a plastic handle with floral foam.

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