Landscape Design

Flora Nova Designs offers landscape design services especially for homeowners and small businesses. We’ll bring you affordable landscaping solutions and help you implement them, or connect you with the best local contractors who can.

We believe in connecting people with nature and sharing our love of plants. Spending time outside is vital for your health and well-being, so we want you to go out and enjoy the world around you! Whether you want to work, relax, or play, we can design a space that fits your needs.

View our landscape design portfolio here.

What’s included?

A typical landscape design package includes:

  • An initial site visit and a free estimate for design services
  • A second site visit for inventory and analysis of site elements, dimensions, and environmental conditions
  • Preparation of a base map which serves as the foundation of the design rendering
  • Preliminary design renderings—two different design versions for the same site
  • A review meeting to discuss the preliminary designs
  • A final design version based on the preliminary designs and revisions discussed at the review meeting
  • A meeting to review the final version of the design
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